Dipped, dolloped or spread, our vegan cream cheeses are the perfect addition to your kitchen repertoire. Add a creamy, tangy twist to your favourite meals, without the dairy!

This plant-based range is seriously addictive on crackers and bagels, and our Original flavour can be used in sweet recipes, too. Vegan cheesecake, anyone?

Now, you might be wondering what plant-based cream cheese even is. Does it taste the same? Does it spread and mix well? If it’s not dairy, what is it?

Our vegan cream cheeses cook, smell and taste just like their traditional counterparts, thanks to some classic vegan staples – cashews and soybeans.

But why would vegans want to make their food taste like dairy?

At Made With Plants, we believe that if we can enjoy the same flavours we know and love without the animal cruelty (and without the stomach aches for some), then why not?

Cheese is a big part of the typical Aussie diet, and many often find it difficult to decrease their dairy intake, even those who are lactose intolerant. Our vegan cream cheeses are dairy-free and will always be, but we should warn you, they’re just as addictive!

We created our plant-based cream cheeses to make it easier for everyone to choose kinder options.

So, what is plant-based cheese made of?

As we mentioned earlier, we use cashews and soybeans to make our plant-based cream cheeses light, creamy and versatile.

Cashews are a vegan staple when it comes to making creamy dairy alternatives from plant milks, to creams, and of course, cheese. Cashew-based dairy alternatives are extremely popular for their neutral taste, and the protein and healthy fat in cashews means that they are wonderfully rich and creamy, too!

Soybeans are another vegan staple and for good reason – they are incredibly versatile. Soy is often used to make both plant-based meat and dairy alternatives. We use silken tofu made from soybeans in our vegan cream cheeses to give it that familiar, smooth texture.

Use our plant-based cream cheeses for snacking, cooking or any way that you’d enjoy traditional cream cheese.
Find yours at selected Woolworths stores today.

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