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Dip your hot chips or spread them on burgers, our plant-based sauces are your new go-to for all things… saucy.

Whether you’re after a creamy vegan Mayo, zesty Ranch, or a tangy Burger Sauce, we’ve got something for you. Best of all, our sauces are 100% egg-free and dairy-free!

When it comes to vegan sauces for burgers, options can be limited. Most burger sauces are mayonnaise-based, meaning they often contain eggs, and sometimes dairy. Thanks to our clever chefs at Made With Plants, that’s all changing.

But why would vegans want mayo on their food?

At Made With Plants, we believe that if we can enjoy the same flavours we know and love without the animal cruelty, then why not?

We created our plant-based sauces to make it easier for everyone to choose kinder options.

Aussies love burgers, hot chips, sandwiches, and many other foods that include egg-based sauces. Eggs are also a common food allergy, and we definitely don’t want anyone to miss out on their favourite foods just because of their dietary needs or lifestyle choices!

So, what are our plant-based sauces made of?

While traditional mayo is typically made of oil, eggs, vinegar, and a mix of flavourings, our vegan Mayo is just made without the eggs. That’s right – you don’t even need eggs to make a tasty, creamy sauce that’s sure to satisfy. You won’t miss a thing!

Our vegan Ranch is made with the same creamy Mayo base, with lemon, garlic and herbs for that traditional zesty tang. Made With Plants Ranch and potatoes are a match made in heaven, if we do say ourselves. Dollop it on a baked potato or make it a dip for your favourite hot chips. We know you’ll love it!

Last but not least, our vegan Burger Sauce is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. We took our vegan Mayo base and added gherkins, lemon, smoked paprika, and much more. If you’re looking for a vegan sauce for your burgers, look no further. Enjoy your favourite burger chain’s sauce, only Made With Plants.

Use our mouth-watering plant-based sauces anywhere that you’d enjoy traditional sauces. Find yours at selected Woolworths stores today.

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